New paper out in The American Naturalist

This was a special one 🥳 It all started in Montpellier 2019 at a meeting of the ESEB Special Topics Network “Linking sex differences in selection with local adaptation” when I listened to my now good friend and colleague Dr. Lotte de Vries give an awesome talk about her Ph.D. thesis research on evolutionary demographic models. 3 years, 2 postdocs, 1 pandemic, and many Zoom meetings later, I am very happy and proud to say that the frenzied geek-out we had after that talk was the beginning of an awesome collaboration which has now resulted in an outstanding paper in The American Naturalist (not that I’m biased). I really do hope this is the first of many!

Olito, C. & C. de Vries (2022) The demographic costs of sexually antagonistic selection in partially selfing populations. The American Naturalist doi: 10.1086/720419.

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